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Participation in a debate on austerity for Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman and Joseph Stiglitz as my sparring partner. Watch here.

Interview about Sixteenth Volume of the Barclay’s Wealth Series ‘If at First You Don’t Succeed… Mapping Global Attitudes to Adversity’ in which I took part as a member of the insight’s panel; watch here.

“Network Effects and the Limits of Incentive-Based Policies” Video footage of my speech at a conference on 21st Century Policy Development in March 2012. The conference was co-hosted by Synthesis (a Think Tank that I co-founded in 2011) and the RSA.  Watch Video


Here is footage of my talk at the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA) summer school in 2011, together with an interview conducted afterwards. Watch Videos

‘Public Policy and The Power of Networks’ here is a talk I gave at the RSA in February 2011. Watch Video

What does the Financial Crisis teach us about macro economics? Here is an interview conducted by Erasmus University in Rotterdam after I had delivered a seminar on the subject. Watch

“Why Most Things Fail”; New Era Economics Watch Video

“Battle of Ideas: What is Capitalism good for” During November 2008 I took part in the Battle of Idea’s conference on capitalism, where I debated to an audience of 500 people. According to the event organisers the debate was a ‘festival hit.’Read my introductory remarks or watch the full debate here.

“High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos”. In October 2008 I took part in a documentary for BBC 4 on the subject of mathematics. Watch an extract from the programme

“Channel Four’s Dispatches: How the Banks Never Lose” Earlier in 2008 I was interviewed by Channel Four’s Dispatches programme on the credit crisis which was broadcast on 25 August 2008, 8pm.