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'Positive Linking' is now available in paperbackMy latest book Positive Linking: How Networks and Incentives Can Revolutionise the World, published by Faber and Faber is now available in paperback. Read the Financial Times review here, Bryan Appleyard’s Sunday Times review here and the Guardian review here. Order your copy here.
It is based on my Royal Society of Arts pamphlet ‘N squared: public policy and the power of networks’, available here. A podcast of my talk on this at the RSA in November 2010 is here. There is a Financial Times op-ed piece here.


In April this year I wrote a review article of Richard Thaler’s book on behavioural economics Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioural Economics for the Institute of Economic Affairs in their “Economic Affairs” February 2016 issue. You can read the article HERE.


Dirk Helbing of ETH in Zurich is a very interesting thinker on complexity in general, and there is a whole issue of the Review of Behavioral Economics devoted to a general theory of sociological behaviour. Here is a critique which I wrote for the journal.

Here is a paper I wrote for the Economics e-Journal on incorporating uncertainty into the core models of economic theory.

The national economic accounts might seem a very dull subject.  But they are the fundamental building blocks of economic policy.  Policy makers want ‘innovation’ and a ‘knowledge society’, but the current methods, based as they are on the framework set up in the 1930s and 1940s to measure GDP, do not give them proper information about these key policy goals.  In addition, the growth of activity in cyber space raises important questions about whether value is becoming dislocated from price. Here is a submission to the Government’s Review of the national accounts led by Charles Bean, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and here is a 2 page summary.