'Positive Linking' is now available in paperbackMy latest book Positive Linking: How Networks and Incentives Can Revolutionise the World, published by Faber and Faber is now available in paperback. Read the Financial Times review here, Bryan Appleyard’s Sunday Times review here and the Guardian review here. Order your copy here.
It is based on my Royal Society of Arts pamphlet ‘N squared: public policy and the power of networks’, available here. A podcast of my talk on this at the RSA in November 2010 is here. There is a Financial Times op-ed piece here.


There is a fairly eclectic set of new material, even by my usual standards!   Here, for example is a paper looking at the persistence of unemployment at a very local area level in both the US and the UK over a 20 year period. There is strong persistence in relative unemployment rates at local area levels in both countries,  This result extends to counties and local authority areas within individual states and regions.   So even the American labour market does not have the ‘flexibility’ beloved of equilibrium economists

Here is a paper on a new approach to macroeconomic thinking which I gave in Florence in September.  This is very much part of a collaborative project with David Tuckett and others at the new Centre for Decision Making Under Uncertainty at UCL.  We use psychological theory and algorithmic text search to operationalise Keynes’ concept of ‘animal spirits’ for both the US and UK economies.  The results are fascinating

Here is a paper I gave in the Institute of Economic Affairs’ series of Beesley Lectures on regulation, taking a behavioural economics perspective.

Again for the IEA, I gave a paper in Slovenia on an evolutionary perspective on privatisation.

I have recently had a paper accepted by the journal PLOS ONE.  We find strong evidence to support the Darwinian theory of literature.  Emotion in the economy, measured by the misery index, in the recent past is a very good indicator of the emotional mood in books today.  We use text search algorithms on Google Ngram data for books in American English, British English and German.

I gave a paper at the opening ceremony of the Alibaba Center for Research in Complex Systems in Hangzhou.  Some of the themes are familiar ones from my work, but I pose three interesting challenges which can in principle be solved using the vast amount of data which goes through the Alibaba system.  And here is a paper I gave recently to the students at INSEAD on the theme of how networks and technology are revolutionising how people take decisions.

Finally, here is a paper I gave to a conference on Developments in Economics Education at Exeter, organised  by the very friendly and useful Economics Network, of which I am a patron.

I have supported Rochdale Hornets, the Rugby League team of my home town, for many years. They have just won their first trophy since 1922, getting promoted from the bottom division.  Here I am with the trophy and, more importantly, our coach Ian Talbot and our longest-standing supporters, Ray and Ena Myers.  Ray and Ena watched the famous Cup semi-final in 1958 which Hornets lost very narrowly to the most successful RL team of all-time, Wigan.