'Positive Linking' is now available in paperbackMy latest book Positive Linking: How Networks and Incentives Can Revolutionise the World, published by Faber and Faber is now available in paperback. Read the Financial Times review here, Bryan Appleyard’s Sunday Times review here and the Guardian review here. Order your copy here.
It is based on my Royal Society of Arts pamphlet ‘N squared: public policy and the power of networks’, available here. A podcast of my talk on this at the RSA in November 2010 is here. There is a Financial Times op-ed piece here.


Here is an interview I did for the Cambridge Institute for Economic Thinking (INET) on Using Networks to Revolutionise Economic Theory and Policy.

I also recently gave a public lecture in Cambridge for INET on ‘The Financial Crisis: What Went Wrong and What Can be Done?’, here are my notes.

In April, I gave a presentation to the OECD in Paris on Positive Linking. The link to the presentation is here (the talk begins 25 minutes in), and see my slides here.

I gave a public lecture in Cambridge for the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) on ‘The Financial Crisis: What Went Wrong and What Can be Done?’, here are my notes.

The Polish Economic Council is the main economic policy making body in Poland, and I had a two hour session with them in January, and here is the presentation, entitled ‘Prediction and Narratives’

I am working a lot with colleagues at UCL on how people make decisions under conditions of genuine uncertainty, of ‘unknown unknowns’. Here is the paper I gave to the main INET conference in Toronto in April on this.

Peter Allen at Cranfield was one of the first people to work on complex systems approaches to modelling economic systems, and I was delighted to make a contribution to his Festschrift (here). The full set of essays is in The Social Face of Complexity Science, editors M Strathern and J McGlade, 2014.

Here is a paper I gave at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt on Big Data and economic prediction.

I keep my links with the maths department at Durham, and here is a paper in Evolution and Human Behavior, written with a member of the department and my long standing collaborator, ex-Durham now at Bristol, Alex Bentley